The Smart Alternative to College

By Mike Johnson

The hell with college, take "smallege" instead.

When existing systems no longer work, enlightened people create workarounds.

Why spend 4-6 years and $100K+ to gain a credential that just earns parity with millions of others?

Instead, targeted training classes, books and mentorships can produce 10 times the results in 10 times less time and expense.

By creating your own curriculum, based on topics and skills that interest you and that will quickly generate income, you leapfrog past all those competitors with mostly-useless degrees. Let's call this targeted, highly-focused self-education "Smallege."

Small expense. Small time frame. Small chance of wasting your time and money.

Stepping outside broken conventional systems is the sign of an independent thinker.

Blazing your own path & becoming your own expert is the best way to live.

Conventional wisdom only returns conventional results. Or worse.

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