Passion is the College of Colleges

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By Mike Johnson

No one NEEDS college.

But college NEEDS you. Their ridiculously overpriced tuitions are feeding a diabolical collection of musty, defective elites. And attendance is dropping. Prices are too high. Results are too low. Parents are realizing their kids’ “education” is mostly useless in the real world. In fact, it’s actually HARMFUL to the growth of their lives.

This has been true for a couple decades but inflation is now impoverishing so many, they’re forced to look closer at every expenditure – even government-backed college loans.

College is loaded with out-dated theory, misinformation, liberal bias and flat-out lies. It not only fills heads with rubbish, it steals massive amounts of students’ time and money.

Most students leave college with tens of thousands in debt that makes them slaves the rest of their lives. The “credentials” colleges issue merely flood the market with pieces of paper that mean nothing to real bosses in the real world. Bosses want real people who do real work and achieve real results.

Instead of years of college, a few well-written sentences, delivered with passion, can talk your way into any company in the world. You can then use that opportunity to work hard, learn fast and exceed expectations so you propel yourself up the ranks faster than any college-educated coaster.

PASSION. A burning desire. Enthusiasm. This is the rocket fuel to succeed in any career, any aspect of life.

Passion saves massive amounts of time. Massive amounts of money. Massive amounts of failure and frustration.

Passion is the spark that exists in superior, aware, focused people. These are the top five percent of all human beings.

Passion drives one to research and self-educate deeply on their own. Study people and companies who have already achieved what they desire. Courageously and confidently sell their ideas until they achieve their dreams.

Passion is immediately noticeable by hiring managers because 19 out of 20 people do not have it.

Passionate people so quickly surpass others on the job that they soon realize they’re fully qualified to create or buy their own income streams.

So they do. And achieve financial and time freedom decades sooner than those who wasted time and money in college.

Passion is the short-cut of short-cuts. With passion, you’re soaring in the Concorde while others are walking in the dirt.

Passion is the college of colleges.



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