Buy the Business!

By Mike Johnson

You can go through life as a customer or go through life as an owner. You enter a coffee shop looking for a cappuccino. I enter looking for a passive income stream.

Any type of business can be purchased using someone else's money. Better, the loan and expense payments are made by the business, giving it to you for "free."

If the business has a manager, you gain time freedom too. Best of all, the time you gain NEVER has to be repaid.

This mentality makes the old paradigm of renting your income and time from an employer look needlessly dependent, difficult and confining.

Because businesses and income properties are valued at a multiple of annual net operating income, every $1 you increase profits adds $2 to $14 to the value. This spectacular equity multiplier makes the growth of a 401K look ridiculously small.

This ownership mentality can quickly create your own financial "Field of Dreams." In fact, using this perspective, we nearly bought the actual Field of Dreams.

Access the story -- and our learning -- right here: The Day We Nearly Bought The Field of Dreams


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