Don't Ask Me to Be Your CEO

By Mike Johnson

Don't ask me to be your CEO. I won't wear your monkey suit.

I won't come running when you whistle me to some daily work schedule. I won't chase bananas, even if you offer them by the bunch.

I won't kowtow to your board of misfits. I won't sit through endless meetings. I won't present stupid ideas to the public as if they are the best thing since sliced bread.

I'm better off than any CEO because I have time, health, money and freedom. I hope you gain all these things too.

But you'll never find them on a corporate career path.

Most people see a well-dressed man in the back of a limo and think, "Lucky rich CEO." I see the same man and think, "poor bastard."

I don't like fancy clothes, limos, big cities or having to be somewhere.

That CEO is trapped.

I prefer lounging in jeans, on the mountain, next to the Border Collie, puttering online, with no commitments to go anywhere.

F-U-Freedom rocks!

OK, I'll take it down a notch. But it sure feels good to be on this side of the income generation journey.

When I think of how many millions get snookered by the conventional wisdom of trading time for money, I get angry. And then toss up a post that reveals massive time shortcuts.

Perhaps you'll read this one: How to Print Time From Thin Air


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