Paperboy Joy

By Mike Johnson

There were newspapers and then there were SUNDAY newspapers.

The hernia edition. Stuffed with circulars. Multiple sections. Color comics. 30 pages of classified ads.

The papers were so bulky they came in three fat sections that we had to assemble.

They required using a special cart. We'd fill the cart, stage it in the middle of the block then toss five or six papers into our paperbag, methodically biting off small chunks of the route. What took 30 minutes on a weekday, took an hour & a half on Sundays.

There was no folding these behemoths. No rubberbanding. No tossing on steps. Each phone book ... err ... newspaper, had to be delivered between the screen door and storm door of each house.

If you had an evening route, you delivered on Sunday mornings too. If you had a morning route, you got Sundays off.

For most of six years, I had both.

I learned self-discipline. Customer service. Collections. Money management. The euphoria of pre-dawn mornings.

By the daily reading of my own product, I expanded my mind.

Thanks to a Schwinn Varsity and money in my pocket, I discovered the best thing of all -- freedom.

If you want your kids to experience these benefits, take a read of my intimate paperboy article, Love Your Kids? Make Them Work


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