Would You Pay $79,000 For This Barn?

By Mike Johnson

Would you pay $79,000 for this barn? We did. It came with a 4-bedroom farmhouse, 10 other out buildings & six acres of land! $79K total for the entire hobby farm.

These are the types of deals you find in the heartland. In this case, SW Minnesota. There are many ways to live. Where you currently live is just one of them.

You can increase your income by moving to a state without an income tax. Or a state without a sales tax.

You can greatly reduce your housing costs by moving off the coasts & away from metropolitan areas.

You can greatly increase your quality of life by moving to a small town. No traffic. No crime. No noise. Wholesome values. No rush-rush-rush.

You can buy a cheap trailer house in a warm climate and use it full-time or as a vacation or winter home.

You can buy a nice RV & live in it full-time, traveling the country & staying wherever you like, as long as you like.

This level of freedom is available to all but it requires gaining control of your own income. Leaving the herd. Thinking differently. Doing your own research. For most, this is too steep a price to pay.

Our hobby farm adventure lasted two glorious summers. We rehabbed the property & sold it to an appreciative young family.

Financial freedom & time freedom allows us to grab adventures as they appear.

I wonder what's next?



The Day We Bought the Farm


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