LinkedIn vs LinkedOut

By Mike Johnson

As of 8/12/22 I’m permanently off LinkedIn. After seven years, hundreds of informative, inspiring, enlightening posts, and thousands of humorous & helpful comments, LinkedIn banned me from their platform. I've asked them to delete my profile, posts, comments and articles. LinkedIn censored my truthful comments about covid again & suspended my account again on July 15, 2022. I've studied the covid topic 4 hours a day for 18 months so I'm not just popping off with unsubstantiated opinions.

Ironically, just today, the CDC dropped their covid protocols, which admits everything they did was WRONG, and everyone who spoke out against their vaccines, lockdowns, masks, social distancing, mandates & firings was RIGHT. Morally & medically RIGHT. See the story HERE.

The LinkedIn overlords suspended my account and then "reviewed" its status from July 15 to August 12. Then they said nope, they're going to keep me "restricted" which means banned.

Of course this means they can do this to you at any time, for any reason too. I suggest you back up all your LinkedIn content (like I was doing) in case they cut you off with no notice.

LinkedIn relentlessly cancels content that does not meet the cabal's liberal/government/corporate/medical/pharmaceutical narratives. I'm sorry I rewarded them by providing so much quality, free content. But I do NOT regret, sharing that content with all the wonderful people I met, communicated & bonded with over the past seven years. At the end, I had 4,000 connections and 6,500 followers.

It turns out that LinkedIn is owned by Microsoft. Microsoft's largest shareholders are BlackRock & Vanguard. These two organizations are the largest shareholders of 75% of the largest corporations on Earth. They're also the largest owners of the three major covid injection companies and all mainstream media and social media. So of course LinkedIn (and all mainstream media) censors any negative information about the poisonoius covid injections and the harmful lockdowns, masks and social distancing.

Do yourself a favor and web search and watch the free 60-minute documentary: "Monopoly: Who Owns the World?" As of today, it was still on YouTube so you can stream it on your TV. Find it Here . It is also on Rumble.

Of course, censorship goes against freedom, truth, best practices and small business.

LinkedIn is currently being sued by the Attorney Generals of Missouri & Louisiana for colluding with the federal government to violate citizen's first amendment rights by censorship. This is exactly what they did to me.

Entrepreneurs are independent thinkers who constantly question conventional wisdom. This is no longer allowed on LinkedIn.

So I have moved on. LinkedIn is just one more thing that used to be good but is now destroyed due to the cabal's "woke" and corrupt cancel culture. Put it on the list with professional sports, elections, civil discourse, facts, freedom and logic.

Most people could be so much more but they’ve swallowed media disinformation and are too lazy to do their own research. Then they evangelize that bad information, making the people who know better miserable, while enabling tyranny. The "media-fooled-woke" believe they’re saving humanity but they're actually destroying it. It's pitiful. Sad. Ignorant.

They don't realize that mainstream media, including LinkedIn, is owned by the evil cabal, so everything they communicate as "news" is lies and misinformation fabricated to divide us. Then they WITHHOLD key facts that are NOT told. Omission is the biggest lie.

Many people don't understand that by believing and acting on those evil communications, they're actually enabling and licking the boots of those who oppress us all.

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.

But those with higher awareness and independent research skills see what's happening. Perhaps 10% are fully aware & another 30% are awakening fast. These are the individuals who will save the planet from the evil cabal if it can still be saved.

In the meantime, I've stopped assisting the beast with free content and I'm now LinkedOut.

I've also quit DirecTV and cancelled my Verizon cell phone. I long ago quit MLB & the NFL. 75% of the largest corporations (and virtually all governments) are members of the cabal. I starve the beast in every way possible for me. I suggest you do the same. As Catherine Austin Fitts says, "If you're in a war and you keep resupplying the enemy, you'll lose." Of course each person can only do what's possible based on the needs of their life. It's a fun exercise to ponder how many ways you can stop feeding, enabling & complying with them. Oh, and use cash. They hate that because they want us all on a digital control system that can restrict what & where we buy, and turn off our money if we misbehave.

If you're one of my more aware pals from LinkedIn, I hope you've found this. I'll greatly miss your comments, posts and opportunities to write funny captions. I'll continue to add new posts here on

You can also stay in touch by emailing me at

I wish you health, prosperity, peace, love and all the best of everything you desire!

Thank you for being such an important part of my world!


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