#252 The Game Within the Game

By Mike Johnson

Itís a game within the game. Youíre an eternal soul having a temporary human experience. Thatís the big game.

Youíre also building a physical life within this human experience. Thatís the little game.

Bombarded by physical stimuli, itís easy to forget the first & amplify the second.

I can be quite competitive. I like to win. Untold hours spent playing sports as a kid equipped me with physical game skills.

As I grew, I learned we create our world with our minds. Mental games come easy to me. I think itís because Iím willing to look in the opposite direction of where others look. Iíve learned that conventional wisdom & the status quo are usually examples of the least-accurate & least-effective way to do things.

When I worked corporate management jobs, my strategy was to quickly grasp & master the existing paradigm, build credibility & then slowly lead the team off that path toward new & better results.

I get bored when maintaining the status quo. The kick for me is creating.

Three questions served me well.

What if?

Whatís missing?

How can we profitably provide that?

When you focus on creating, the crowds are much smaller.

Eventually, I created a world away from all crowds. I live on a mountain, in the least populated state, 25 miles from the closest town. Which turned out to be a wise decision in todayís world.

Iím winning the little game.

But I have miles to go on the big game.

But then I have eternity.

So do you.

Don't lose that perspective.

Enjoy the journey.


Knowing what you want makes the little game much more enjoyable. Here is a good look at this topic: "How Saying No Led to Yes"


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