We Can See It From Here

By Mike Johnson

Altitude provides vision & perspective.

Weíve noticed the shadow of hyper-inflation since 2008. We can see it from here.

Early, yes, but it got our ark built, arguably in the safest, most remote, beautiful & self-sufficient location possible.

By acting early, we avoided the rush & astronomical price escalation. Here in Wyoming, the housing market is now so hot that out-of-state strangers are knocking on doors offering cash for homes that arenít even for sale.

New building is off the charts. Labor & supply shortages are obvious with un-sided & un-roofed new homes scattering the landscape.

Out-of-staters are finally realizing that too peoplely = too crazy. Their local & state leaders have used the excuse of "too crazy" to become tyrants.

Citizens want fewer people, fewer rules & more freedom.

Conservative Wyoming, population 570,000: check, check & check.

Steal peopleís choices long enough & theyíll vote with their feet. And move to the middle of somewhere.

We didnít predict the magic virus, but we couldnít have picked a safer location to ride through that either. We didnít catch it for the first 21 months. Got through it fine using the early home treatment protocols censored by Big Medical, Big Media & Big Government. No experimental jabs for us. Now we have Godís Natural Immunity.

The majority of people just want to be left alone. Unfortunately, the majority live in cities where leaders wonít allow it. A massive shake-out is underway.

We can see it from here.


Looking in the opposite direction of conventional wisdom has many benefits: "Contrarians Retire Far Earlier"


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