Blondie Returned

By Mike Johnson

Blondie returned. A friendly buck from last year. They depart for higher elevations in summer. They avoid hunters in fall. They return in winter. Some familiar does also returned with their June babies.

I post this to remind you there are worlds outside your own.

I live outside the normal parameters of time. The date doesn't matter. The day doesn't matter. The clock doesn't matter.

Is it cold outside? Is the firewood stocked? Have the deer arrived? Those matter.

I live outside the normal parameters of space. Miles off paved roads. Neighbors acres away. Border a national forest.

No crowds. No costumes. No commute. No calendars.

Marriage to a naturally social wife dips my toe back into short visits with people & the things of man. The rest of my body enjoys its own company.

You may not choose to be a recluse. But I'm reminding you that you have the CHOICE.

There are many ways to live. We get so caught up earning a living that we never get around to studying better ways to earn it. Trapped, we never get around to really LIVING.

Today, I enjoy the recluse life because for decades, I wasn't able.

Whatever life you imagine, I hope you get there sooner than me.


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