How to Get a Little Saturday EVERY Day

By Mike Johnson

Have you considered investing your time like you invest your money? A single Saturday is worth seven Mondays. On Saturday, you’re free to work on your own dreams rather than others’ dreams.

Will you waste all that freedom decompressing from another work week?

Or will you invest a little freedom researching & implementing ways to turn EVERY day into Saturday?

Escape from the rat race IS possible.

But only if you create & advance your escape plan day by day.

If your Saturdays are already filled with rest, family & catch-up activities, there is still a way to wake up to “Saturday” every day.

Just arise an hour early & give that first hour to you & your dreams.

By arising early, you get to climb into Saturday's comfy blue jeans & moccasins. Pour a delicious warm beverage. Snuggle deep into your corner chair in a darkened, lamp-lit room. Now read, meditate, relax, walk, dream, create or work your escape plan. Capture the most inspired thoughts and ideas on paper.

Now you start each day from a place of peace & joy & creation rather than gloom, stress & frantic activity. You've rigged the game to make progress EVERY day.

Small actions, multiplied by time, lead to uncommon destinations.

Give the first hour of the day to YOU. Eat dessert first.

Now every day starts as Saturday.



How to Escape the Rat Race


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