Wall Drug

By Mike Johnson

It's a touchstone.

Exit 110. I-90. Wall Drug, South Dakota.

I first visited at age 10. The conglomeration of food, retail, amusements, tourists and old west fascinated me. I've visited at least 20 times since. Wall Drug is better as an adult because I control my time and resources.

I can buy a dozen bags of rock candy. Sit on a giant Jackalope. Wander all day, gaping at the west's best outpost of entrepreneurship. It's sensory overload. There are more money-making schemes operating here than a circus in Willy Wonka's head.

I'm magnetized to Wall Drug.

Places have a hold on me. Dozens of them imprinted on me as a child. I return to them often.

As an adult, I realize I'm chasing feelings, not places. I stand in the place, I re-experience the magic feelings that caused the imprint so long ago.

Do you do the same?

Are you magnetized to places because of the feelings they recall?

Wall Drug is special to me, but not the most special. Of all the places that attract me, one place owns me more than the rest. This is the place I imagine when I need a moment of pleasure and peace.

Why I'm Magnetized to This Railing


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