Ten Wealth Transfer Truths

By Mike Johnson

As the world approaches the largest sudden wealth transfer in human history, it’s wise to remember these ten truths.

1. Your retirement account statement is merely a promise to pay, not the payment itself.

2. Most banks, retirement accounts & funds hold less than 10% in cash reserves.

3. FDIC deposit insurance holds less than 1% of the bank deposits it insures.

4. Due to rising bond interest rates, most central banks are now insolvent.

5. Big bank derivatives & debt are superior (get paid first) to customer deposits.

6. Bank deposits belong to the bank, not the depositor. Depositors are merely “investors.”

7. Anything between you & your money is a potential thief.

8. What can‘t be paid, won’t be paid.

9. Wealth is not determined by how many dollars, but by what those dollars will buy.

10. REAL inflation is now running at 17% (ShadowStats dot com) & rising.

As seen in Canada, the government WILL freeze or seize your money for any convenient reason.

If you trust the people & institutions in charge, go ahead & continue business as usual.

If not, immediate attention & action is prudent.

As seen by the recent lockdowns & mandates, jobs face the same precarious insecurity. Your income is far too important to depend on some job.

There are many ways to earn income without a job.

I share 87 of these ways in my free double e-book "43 Ways to Earn Cash Today, 44 Ways to Earn Cash Tomorrow"

I suggest you copy & save this information in case you need it in the coming challenging days.


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