They're Submarining You

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By Mike Johnson

You’re on a submarine.
The oxygen gauge reads “normal.”
Yet you see a dozen crewmen swarming around the ventilation system.
Uh-oh. What’s happening?

This is your retirement account.
The numbers are fake but you don’t realize it.

Behind the scenes, banks, corporations, retirement accounts and governments are accumulating massive, unreported losses.
Every night, keystroke-monkeys are desperately routing thousands of fake entries globally to fill holes that would otherwise sink the boat.

The numbers you monitor say things are “normal.” But actually, you’re way underwater.

In both the submarine and financial worlds, your condition is known as sub-prime.

We’re five minutes from World War III, the largest American banks are $650 billion $1.3 TRILLION in the hole, the economy is tanking, inflation and bonds are soaring and the interest on $34 trillion of US government debt now costs a TRILLION dollars per year.

Yet, every day, no matter which numbers dip lower to reveal all these perils and insolvency, by the end of the day or week, these numbers somehow move back to “normal.”
This is so obviously impossible.

Pick your numbers.

Stock indexes. Bond rates. Currency exchanges. Gold, silver, oil and crypto prices. Inflation. GDP. Unemployment.

All are indicators that should be sounding the klaxon to abandon ship.

Instead, all these numbers are massively manipulated and falsified. Every single day. The crime is obvious to anyone who watches these numbers on a regular basis.

The falsifications are evidence that criminal insiders have already stolen your money.

These criminals know that if caught, they’ll be jailed or executed. So they’ll do ANYTHING to hide the crime.

Falsifying numbers is their EASIEST option. It costs them nothing.

When they can’t falsify any longer, they’ll just tip over the table, wreck the game and blame it on something else.

Like war. Or hackers. Or solar flare. Or Russia. Or Trump.

Falsified numbers tell you one thing.

Your money is gone.

You’re holding a fake statement.
It's only a promise to pay something that is no longer there.
What can’t be paid, won’t be paid.

Overall, only three percent of all investment funds are held in cash. Which means only 3% will get their money.

Are you going to be in the 3% or the 97%?

The longer you wait, the deeper you sink.

You're being submarined.

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