No One Owns You

By Mike Johnson

No one owns you. Especially an employer.
No one can make you do anything you do not want to do.
NO ONE. The only boss of you, is YOU.

Once you awaken to this, you’ll never be subservient again.
You stop working FOR others & start working WITH others.
Big difference.

They need you far more than you need them.

Why? Because you create more value than any other person on the team. You fully realize this & you make sure they fully realize it too.

Not in arrogance, but in contribution. By constantly offering new ideas & constantly articulating how those ideas are paying off.

You create new value out of thin air. Then quantify how much that value contributes to the team.

You KNOW your worth because it is REAL. It can be measured. It can be used as an example to be copied by others on the team.

The bigger person you become inside the company, the more you’ll be desired by ANY company.

Eventually, you won’t even need a “company.”

You’ve gained the experience & confidence to create value out of thin air for YOURSELF.

I know this strategy works because I used it successfully myself.

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