The Earth May Be Flat

By Mike Johnson

Iím entertaining the possibility that the earth is flat.
That we live under a dome (biblical firmament).
That we never went to space, let alone the moon.

I find all this interesting. It draws me because itís different information.

Itís the opposite of what weíre taught.

Over my six decades, Iíve learned the biggest lies are omission.

Iíve also learned we get most of our information secondhand from government, media or schools.

These are the same organizations we catch spreading falsehoods every day.

Research any topic deeper & you quickly see itís different than itís publicly portrayed.

So when I encounter ďforbiddenĒ information, I go to it like a gold nugget on a gravel beach.

Sometimes I reject the information. Sometimes I discover elements of truth & file it away for future research. Sometimes I embrace it & change my beliefs & behavior.

But I entertain the possibilities. No matter how wacky they look on the surface.

Through my JFK research, Iíve seen that ďauthorityĒ is capable of the largest crimes & the biggest lies. Evil thinks far differently than normal people.

Questioning conventional wisdom has served me well.

Passive income.
Early retirement.
Remote location.
No mask. No vax. Home treatment protocols. Natural immunity.
Stress-free living.
And 100 more outside-the-norm benefits.

If you want to live like most people never can, you have to consider information that most people never will.

You can always reject information.

But you have to LOOK at it. Youíll never find gold nuggets without digging through ore.

Your courage to question, determines what you know & how large youíll grow.

The father of America's rocketry & space program, Wernher Von Braun, died June 16, 1977. He could've selected anything for his headstone.

Look up the biblical verse he left as a departing message.

I find this very interesting.


Psalms 19:1 "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork."
(In the bible, "firmament" is a dome)


A few interesting flat earth resources:

A dozen scientists perform experiments & conclude earth is not a globe and is not spinning: Convex Earth Documentary (90 minutes)

13-minute proof: The Flat Moon Over the Flat Earth

Both these free videos can be watched on your TV if you load Rumble as a free streaming channel (not RumbleTV, just plain Rumble). Or, just click the links & watch on your device.

Rocket hits the firmament at 73.1 miles high: 2014 GoFast Amateur Rocket Launch (5 minutes, click & watch on your device)


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