My Curvature Experiments

Photo: Yellowstone Lake at West Thumb Geyser Basin

By Mike Johnson

If the earth is a ball, there must be evidence of curvature.

The accepted radius of the earth is 3,959 miles.
The spherical trigonometry of a sphere with a 3,959 mile radius calculates curvature to be 8 inches per mile squared.
This results in the following “drops” due to curvature:

1 mile = 8 inches
5 miles = 16.67 feet (5 miles squared = 5X5 =25, X 8 inches = 200 inches, divided by 12 inches = 16.67 feet)
10 miles = 66.68 feet
20 miles = 266.74 feet
50 miles = 1,667.15 feet
100 miles = 6,669.41 feet

Thousands of experiments have been conducted by scientists and amateurs all over the world. Many used laser beams. No curvature has been detected.

I decided to perform my own experiments at Yellowstone Lake. This is the largest fresh water lake above 7,000 foot elevation in the world. Conveniently, it is only about 50 miles from my house.

I prepared by visiting Google Earth. This allowed me to select various points on the lake and measure the distance between them. I selected points 15.8 miles apart and 8.3 miles apart. I used a curvature calculator that took into account the height of my spotting scope (56 inches). This gave me the number of feet that the distant points should be below the curvature of the earth.

I then viewed a topography map that listed elevations all over Yellowstone Lake. This said the lake was a consistent 7,743 feet elevation throughout. So every shoreline at the water's edge is equal elevation.

I drove to the lake on the morning of 5/29/23. The weather was clear and sunny. I first went to the Lake Butte Overlook to visually view the points I would be observing. This overlook is about 1,000 feet higher than the lake, letting me easily see the overviews of my locations. This allowed me to better visualize them when I went down to the lake shore.

I set up on the first beach on the lake that is accessible by entering Yellowstone National Park's east entrance. I set up my Vortex Razor spotting scope on the tripod at the shoreline of the lake. I pointed it at the West Thumb geyser hot spots which were clearly steaming. The distance was 15.8 miles. According to curvature math (and accounting for the 56-inch height of my spotting scope), if the earth is a ball, the steaming hot spots should be 115 feet below the curve of the earth. Which means I should not have been able to see them at all.

Instead, the spotting scope allowed me to see them, and see the shoreline of the lake touching that position. Totally flat. No curvature at all.

Then I saw a large Yellowstone Park research boat cruising across the lake two-thirds the distance (about ten miles) to the West Thumb hot spots. This boat should’ve been about 67 feet below the curve of the earth. But I was able to see the wake on the sides and rear of the boat, right at the lake surface. I saw the stern of the boat clearly right until it touched the wake. Flat. No curvature at all.

I then went near the Lake Hotel, set up on the shoreline and found Frank Island, 8.3 miles away. This should’ve been 21 feet below the curve, yet once again, I saw the shoreline perfectly. No curve. Totally flat.

I also used binoculars at each location. The distant points were still visible, just not as clearly as the spotting scope. When the curvature numbers show a drop of more than 20 feet, binaculars are fine enough instruments to prove no curvature too.

If the earth is a globe or a ball or a sphere, there should be evidence of its curvature. I found no such evidence on Yellowstone Lake. This wide swath of water did not "bend."

If the earth is not a globe, that is quite a startling revelation. Not just about the nature of where we live, but about the nature of the information we've been given. If the earth is not a ball, what else have we been told that is not true?

Give it a few moments thought and many "facts," about many subjects (NASA, space, the moon missions), start to totally unravel.

Enjoy the journey.



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