Sick of Trading Time For Money?

By Mike Johnson

Saturdays are for evaluation. Are you sick of trading time for money?
Unless you love the work, your conscription to a commute & calendar is the opposite of freedom.

There are other ways to earn income. Easier ways. More lucrative ways. Ways that shave decades off your journey.

Can everyone do this? No.

Can the self-confident, self-disciplined, & self-researchers do this? Yes.

We all have different levels of awareness. One personís default position is higher than anotherís.

But within each person, there is the ability to shift gears to a higher level. The higher your level, the easier & more joyful life becomes.

Building wealth is no mystery. Millions have done it. Tens of thousands freely share how they did so. Some started small. Some reached for the brass ring immediately.

You can buy a bottle of water that costs you a dime & sell it for a dollar. Or $2. Or $3.

You can start a snack business with $50, build it to 50 accounts, earn income as long as you like, then sell it for two to five times its annual profit.

Or you can buy a large, existing income property or lucrative business with little to no money down & gain instant financial & time freedom.

It all depends on the "gear" of your awareness.

Employment is gear number 1. This pedals the hardest & travels the slowest.

You have access to many higher gears. Each take you faster, each take you farther.

It should not take your entire life to reach financial & time freedom. That's too high a cost.

Give your spirit permission to shift to higher income awareness. Start with some of my best posts about the topic ever written.

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