E-Bikes Are Shockingly Great

By Mike Johnson

A year ago, I bought his & her electric bikes. We love them.

They remove terrain & physical exertion from the equation. You can still pedal as much as you like, but using power assist or full throttle easily tackles hills or launches you quickly from full stops at intersections.

E-bikes work best on paved streets but handle dirt paths too, thanks to our 4-inch wide tires. I recommend adding saddle bags & the biggest, softest seat you can buy.

There are many e-bike choices ranging in price from $700 to $10,000. Many quality choices exist in the $1,500 to $2,500 range.

If you live near a city, you can buy them fully assembled, ready to go. If not, like me, you'll have them shipped to your home & dive into the learning curve of self-assembly. This was a chore, requiring me to learn about (and buy) specialized torque wrenches that tighten screws to precise measurements of newton meters. Thankfully, our Rad Power Bikes had how-to-assemble videos on their website. I'm not naturally handy so this was still a stretch for me. But successfully assembling two bikes has greatly added to my pleasure of ownership.

They take a few hours of practice to get used to. Like baby motorcycles, without full attention, they can quickly get away from you.

E-bikes provide leisurely passage through neighborhoods you’d never otherwise drive through. They're also a great way to restaurant-hop. The batteries are so powerful that range is never an issue.

If you know me through my writing, you've probably already guessed my favorite e-bike benefit.

They make me feel like a kid again.


My introduction to e-bikes: "Wonder Years & Electric Bikes"


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