If the Universe is a Carnival ...

By Mike Johnson

If the universe is a carnival, earth is the Zipper.

The ride is only scary in direct proportion to your belief in the illusion. If you truly knew there was no chance of injury or death during the ride, you’d experience it much differently.

You’d be detached. You’d become an observer. Knowing the outcome, you’d focus on the views, the wind, the clever engineering that creates the illusion of peril.

You’d go from victim to master. From confusion to certainty. From fear to fun.

You’d clearly see that the other riders are only terrified because they’re lost in the illusion.

This is the power of perspective & clarity.

Earth is a scary ride if you believe you can be harmed.

This is why it’s so important to investigate your spiritual nature. You are not the body. You are the soul that wears the body.

The body is temporary, the soul is eternal. The real YOU cannot be harmed.

“Death” is just exiting that body & exiting the illusion.

Life continues. A bigger, richer, freer, eternal life.

This is the good news that overcomes everything else.

But only if you perceive it.


Two great resources:

1. Proof we survive death: "Hello From Heaven"

2. A brain surgeon dies for a week & describes the afterlife in his book, "Proof of Heaven" by Eben Alexander, M.D.


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