The Looking Glass

By Mike Johnson

I was never a nightclub guy. But for a few months in 1977, I put my toe in the firewater.

I’d freshly arrived in Fort Myers, knowing no one except my boss at McDonald’s. It was a total, start-over, reset of my life.

Of course work is a great place to meet people and I quickly made new friends. One is now my brother-in-law.

I still remember a couple visits we made to The Looking Glass, a nightclub in the river district of downtown Fort Myers.

The club was two stories tall. The second story showcased a wrap-around balcony, providing open views of the stage & dance floor below. The energy in the packed house was amazing.

Besides the energy and architecture, what so imprinted me was the band’s fantastic covers of “Heart” hits. Back then, every (magic) man under 30 loved those rock-n-roll sisters Ann & Nancy Wilson (pictured).

With shared interests like this, my buddy and I soon bonded and got an apartment together.

I started dating Margie & she brought her sister over. My buddy started dating her. Both relationships blossomed. We married the sisters and became officially related.

Forty-five years later we're still married to those sisters.

It all started at The Looking Glass, following our Heart.


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