Framework of Life

By Mike Johnson

It takes a lifetime to gain a framework of life. It actually takes many lifetimes, but time can be condensed if you really focus on it.

I've put in the time & effort. I believe I've captured a rudimentary outline. Of course I can be wrong. Like you, I'm a paradox.

I've deeply explored negativity & deeply explored positivity. I've searched for God & I've searched for hidden devils behind our governments & money systems.

I'm a lifetime member of Optimists International, training myself to look for the good. I'm a conspiracy researcher unafraid to look for ugly truth behind the cover story.

I've invested more than 10,000 hours researching inner growth & God & concluded God is real & we're eternally connected. I've invested more than 10,000 hours researching our political & monetary systems & concluded they are evil & are purposely leading us to earthly doom.

Somehow, I manage to levitate between these two extremes. The post linked below might make people angry. But only because they lack my research & experience & perspective. That's the value I offer.

You get the fruits of my labor without making the journey.

Yet, you're unlikely to believe this because you did not experience my journey. Words don't teach -- experience does. But words can entertain.

So prepare to be entertained. Access "Fruits of Research" here.


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