What We Owe to JFK

By Mike Johnson

59 years ago today, a cabal of insiders murdered the 35th president of the United States.
Six decades later, mainstream media still broadcasts the obviously false narrative of what happened.

Today, an hour of research proves that all mainstream media is owned by the same cabal that owns central banks, governments, militaries, corporations, pharmaceuticals, medical, judicial and educational organizations globally. (Watch the free 60 minute documentary on Rumble.com, ďMonopoly: Who Owns the World?Ē) The cabal has grown unchecked and now owns everything and everyone they need to destroy individuals, economies, elections, countries and humanity.

The cabal has had 59 years of unlimited money and no supervision to position themselves for their moves today.

Like all humans, JFK had personal flaws. But as a leader, his courage, charisma, clarity and critical thinking skills were unsurpassed by any other president. He took on the cabal directly and they took him out.

Then when his brother ran for president five years later, they had him murdered too.

75% of Americans believe there was a conspiracy to kill JFK. The cabal knows this. The CIA division of the cabal actually created the term ďconspiracy theoristĒ in 1964 to denigrate anyone who did not believe the official narrative of the assassination.

People who believe the narrative say a large conspiracy would be impossible to keep secret. Someone would talk. They are right. HUNDREDS of people have talked. The mainstream media just refuses to report it.

There are books in libraries all over the world that provide a good overview of what really happened. You just have to proactively go find them. Or conduct a few non-Google web searches.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans with memories of those JFK days die off. This makes it easier for the cabal to maintain the lies.

But the murder still matters. They killed a president, blamed it on a patsy, installed their own president, got away with it and still maintain the false narrative today. This is the power of the cabal. This is what is purposely destroying the world today.

JFK still matters. His public execution reveals the audacity and evil of the cabal. The killing sent the world careening in a devilish direction. Every year since has devolved to worse and worse outcomes for humanity.

Today, you donít have elected leaders. You donít have real news. You donít have schools. You donít have banks. You donít have doctors. You don't have elections. You donít have justice.

You have The Cabal.

Most underling employees are decent, normal people just doing their jobs. But the top bosses know and are directing their organizations to benefit the cabal and destroy everyone else.

Their weakness is that we out-number them and their enforcers by 10,000 to 1.

Kennedy tried to stop them and took a bullet in the brain for us.

The least we can do is to tough out a little inconvenience and starve the cabal.

Do not obey. Do not pay. Reject their false narrative, OK?

We owe that much to JFK.


Fifteen years ago, I wrote and published a summary of my JFK assassination research. I invested many thousands of hours in the study. Here Are My Findings

Photo above: JFK turns onto Houston Street off Main, one block from turning left on Elm Street. The book depository is straight ahead. The supposed sniper's nest is on the sixth floor, righthand window. The window opens upward in one piece (as seen in other open windows) but looks closed or doctored here. JFK his holding his hair against the wind exactly where the exit wound would be in 30 seconds.

To gain the full clarity of the evil we are up against, watch the free 68 minute documentary "Died Suddenly." It interviews embalmers, doctors and military flight surgeons, revealing the covid vaccine is a murderous bioweapon purposely created to kill, injure and sterilize hundreds of millions. The cabal that shot JFK is now definitely shooting US. Click Here For Direct Access.

To see what you can personally, peacefully do to stop the cabal read: Feed Yourself, Starve the Beast


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