Feed Yourself, Starve the Beast

By Mike Johnson

With REAL inflation of 12% (shadowstats.com) it’s virtually impossible to maintain your standard of living. Your income will never keep up with this massive loss of purchase power.

Here is the clarity you need.

Prices are not rising. The purchase power of the dollar is FALLING. So it takes more dollars to buy the same goods. Sellers are adjusting prices to minimize their losses. But they can never raise them enough to match the melt because buyers cannot afford to pay those prices. When inflation gets high enough, production, distribution and sales stop because there is no profit to be made after paying sky-high expenses. So businesses just stop. Continuing just loses more and more money. This is where we're heading.

What is causing all this inflation? Central banks printing and keystroking trillions of new dollars from thin air. Each new dollar dilutes (lowers) the value of all existing dollars. Basically, it’s counterfeiting that benefits those who create the dollars and spend them first. Their gain, is stealing from everyone else.

The central bank families own the global cabal. They own 75% of everything including governments. To grasp the size of their reach, web-search and watch the free 60-minute documentary “Monopoly: Who Owns the World?” You’ll quickly find it at Rumble.com.

So how do you fight back?

STOP FEEDING THE CABAL. This provides the duel benefit of saving you money while causing them pain.

Everyone’s life situation is different. You can only do what you can do. Warning: Your choices will blast holes in your routine. This feels uncomfortable. But it gives you the chance to fill those holes with something better.

Cancel cable & satellite & subscription TV. It's owned by the cabal and most of it is disinformation poison. Fire up the DVD player instead. Or better, open a book, play a game with your family or go recreate outdoors. Get your news from non-mainstream sources online. If addicted to TV as entertainment, "Pluto" and "Tubi" are free live-stream channels with thousands of program selections. During 2023, an average of 20,000 people per DAY have cancelled subscription TV (As of July 12).

Cancel your cell plan or at least cancel the smart phone. Basic flip-phones cost just $20 and service is available for $9 per month. Or buy walkie-talkies and pay no monthly fee.

If you have retirement or brokerage accounts, close them and withdraw the money. You’re going to lose most of it if you don’t. Not only by collapsing markets and counter-party risk, but by 12% inflation that will continue to grow larger. Use the money to buy real goods (food, household supplies, tools, equipment, machines) and physical assets like gold, silver, land, farms, rentals, businesses. If those physical assets generate income, all the better.

If you’re 62, stop waiting to draw social security. Sign up today and it'll start within two months. Inflation will erase any “gains” in monthly payments you might get by waiting longer. Governments are going to default. They don’t have the money to continue paying what they’ve promised. Better to get what you can while you still can.


Cook at home. To many, restaurants are one of their largest expenses. Sit-down restaurants especially. Save 90% of that food expense and 100% of that tip. Tip yourself instead.

Shop during sales and use coupons. Buy in bulk. Your dollar will never buy more than today. Tomorrow it will buy less. The price of a can of Spam is increasing by 30% a year. A $100,000 bank CD increases by 3%. The smart money is converting melting digits & dollars into stockpiles of appreciating food. Invest in your personal food bank, not a cabal bank.

Start a side gig. Your job is not secure. It takes the most time, and through commuting and clothing and daycare, costs the most to maintain. Your income isn’t keeping up with inflation. Here are 87 ways to earn cash without a job (or in addition to): "43 Ways to Earn Cash Today, 44 Ways to Earn Cash Tomorrow" (Free!)


Use cash. The cabal is herding us toward digital money that can be turned off or programmed to limit what we buy, where we buy it and when that can occur. Using cash increases its amount in circulation, making it harder to take it away. The cabal wants push-button control of your body, mind & soul: The Evil of Digital Currency

Do not comply. In America, citizens are superior to government. Read your state and federal constitutions. Now you'll see the limits of what your governments are allowed to do. They have massively exceeded their very limited authority. You can lawfully refuse to comply with anything they order that is not authorized by those two documents. Anything more is unlawful for THEM and immediately null and void. Confident, educated citizens are their worst nightmare. We out-number them and their enforcers by 10,000-to-one. When we refuse to comply, we inspire others to do so. When we refuse en masse, they lose all power.

Catherine Austin Fitts has a great line. “If you’re in a war and continue to resupply the enemy, you’ll lose.”

In the USA, we're in a war right now. But only one side is attacking.

Let's change this today. Feed Yourself, Starve the Beast.


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