4,000 Weeks

By Mike Johnson

Thatís the average amount of time you get on this rock.
I just ran the math and that gives me about 4,000 days left.
Thatíll wake you up.

Of course I could have twice that number left. My dad did. And I lived healthier.
But my mom only got 1,992 weeks.

We can never accurately calculate how much time we have left, until weíve left.

It can only be ciphered backward, not forward.

Fortunately, Iím on bonus time. I did the things, acquired the stuff, loved the people, captured the experiences and wear the T-shirt.

I donít fear the grim reaper because the Lord is my keeper. For eternity.

That keeps life here pretty simple.

Do whatís right. Do what helps. Do what gives you joy. Pay it forward.

Bonus time allows me to perform the rest of my story in a way Iíll be proud to talk about on the other side.

I wish the same simplicity for you.

How many weeks do you have left?


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