Locked in Their Cell

By Mike Johnson

I was anti-cabal and anti-stress yet I still used an iPhone.
I only used it when I left the mountain, but still.
Carrying that out-dated 6+ made me feel like a phone-y.

So I quit.

I dialed down to a $20 TracFone that costs $9 a month. I really only use it to locate Margie in Walmart. Other times, it operates as a leash she can yank when Iíve managed to leave the house alone.

Itís the basic flip model that went out of style 20 years ago. Texting requires scrolling through 3-4 letters for every letter you enter, so screw that. Forget about using the Internet. Maybe it could send a fax. Or play an 8-track tape.
But the 12 pages of instructions are in 4-point type and I only have 6-point eyes. So I only use it to call Margie.

Iím thinking of trading down to walkie-talkies. Or going full dinosaur and just roam the aisles using the lost skills of deductive reasoning and intuition.

The sad thing is that quitting Verizon was merely phone-etics. Verizon owns TracFone too. Theyíre probably based in the Phone-ician Islands.

But at least Iím sending them lots less money. If charted on a phone-a-graph, their income from me goes straight down.

Iím glad I quit. Youíre not serious about starving the cabal until you whack or eliminate your cell phone activity.

And stress! 3G, 4G, 5G. All get your heart pumping. Lots of evidence says heart-stopping. G-whiz.

I still miss pay phones. In my day, the global network was a phone booth on every corner. The 10 cent fee automatically screened the unimportant and mundane. Life was more peaceful unattached and untracked. You quietly entertained yourself with your own thoughts.

Today, anyone, at any time, can jam a photo of their breakfast directly into your brain, from anywhere. And you paid for the download.

Ironically, if you do the math per call, I bet youíre paying far more than our old nickels and dimes.

Despite all this, most are willing prisoners of their phones. Isnít it time you stopped fon-dailing that enslaving device?



I'm such a dinosaur that 30 years ago I was paid $150 (1,500 phone calls!) to write this Case Study on Pay Telephones

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