The Tribe Vibe

By Mike Johnson

They quicken your vibration. Sync with your essence. See and encourage your best.

You’ve encountered an intimate from your soul group. It’s the tribe vibe.

When people light you up, “get you,” and fit like a glove, there’s a reason. You’ve been traveling with them for a long, long time.

As in multiple lifetimes, time.

Many of the people I meld with the deepest are rarely in my physical presence. They’re out there doing their thing, working their mission, polishing their essence.

Then events bring us within range and we instantly feel the vibration. We immediately harmonize, turning one plus one into three.

If fortunate and aware, you can list a dozen of these people in your tribe right now.

There are no age, gender or life experience barriers to these connections. Souls can select any time period and any life situation. We travel in groups to make life easier, more enjoyable and more impactful.

The higher your age, the more of these people you’ve met this incarnation.

If blessed, some of these people are disguised as your sibling, friend or spouse. But most tribe members are outside this daily circle, scattered throughout the mosaic of your greater life.

First time meetings are obvious. You feel the current. The wattage swells. You’re massively energized.

They pop. Resonate. Fuse. It feels like a reunion rather than a meeting.

Put their name on the list. These are your people. They’re magic. They’re truly, deeply, eternally on your team.

Together, you conjure super powers.

It’s the tribe vibe.



We Live Forever


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