We Live Forever

By Mike Johnson

How would your outlook on life change if you knew with 100% certainty that your soul never dies?

I just finished Raymond Moody’s “Glimpses of Eternity, An Investigation into Shared Death Experiences.”

Moody spent decades collecting stories from people who were clinically dead and then revived. They return with amazing stories of what happened while they were “gone.” These are known as near-death experiences (NDEs). Those who experience them return absolutely certain that life continues forever in other realms. It profoundly changes their outlook on life. Moody's popular book, "Life After Life" set the bar for the topic.

Continuing his research, Moody was shocked to discover there are actually more shared death experiences (SDEs) than near death experiences. SDEs sometimes occur when a witness is next to a person who actually dies. This occurs most often during bedside vigils for the terminally ill. The witness(es) partially experiences the journey from earth to the next domain. This usually includes several (but not all) of seven aspects:

1. Witnessing a soul (mist, body-shaped light, or orb) depart the physical body.
2. Mystical light, tunnel or whirlpool appears as the room changes its geometry.
3. Musical sounds or celestial music.
4. Shared out-of-body experience for both the witness(es) and the departed.
5. Co-living a life review with the deceased.
6. Encountering unworldly or heavenly realms.
7. Seeing other loving spirits greet the departed.

Moody estimates these events occur during about 1 in 20 witnessed deaths. Hospice workers, nurses and relatives are the most frequent witnesses to experience a SDE. Moody made no conclusions on why they happen to some and not others. But all who encounter them are positively changed forever.


I’d previously read “Hello From Heaven." See my post #14, “Proof We Survive Death”.

The authors collected over 3,300 witness stories about loved ones who appeared after death. They printed a couple hundred of the best in the book. The stories are specific, detailed, credible and very compelling. They all show life continues after an earthly “death.”


Finally, I recently read “Proof of Heaven” and "Map of Heaven," both by Eben Alexander, M.D.

Alexander is a brain surgeon who basically died for a week. His coma was so deep that 95% of his brain wasn’t functioning. He experienced a vivid, detailed, lengthy trip to a heavenly realm. His memory of the event remains fully intact.

As an esteemed brain surgeon, he realized what he experienced could not be a hallucination or brain anomaly because tests during his coma revealed none of the areas in his brain that could generate any such experience were functioning.

He has concluded that our brain is not the seat of our consciousness, but a filter that ratchets down our enormous, eternal, spiritual consciousness to a very small percentage of the whole. His conjecture is that this reduction makes it possible to “forget” who we really are so our earthly experiences seem more “real” to maximize our growth. He's absolutely certain our body is just a spacesuit to temporarily house part of our soul to make 3-D life experiences here possible.


All these books, with hundreds of witness accounts, say that life continues after “death” for everyone.

This certainty is quite the good news. It takes the sting and angst off pain, loss, adversity & challenge. It gives us the courage to fully live our truths and destinies without fear. It reveals we are capable of so much more. It motivates us to live the type of lives we'll be proud to talk about on the other side.

Once again, looking deeper into a topic reveals it's far different than it's publically portrayed. People willing to do their own research discover deeper knowledge that points to better choices and inspired actions.

It's a glorious blessing that by becoming your own expert on death, you greatly improve the quality of your life.


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