Focus That Soul Light

By Mike Johnson

Your soul is connected to the source and internally illuminated. You give off light.
Each has a default “set-point” of specific wattage.
This wattage is established by the strength of your connection. It broadcasts the essence of who you are.

Some are confident and vivacious. Some are afraid and introverted.
Some are curious and joyful. Some are rigid and angry.

But everyone has a focus dial that can be adjusted.
Like a magnifying glass, tightening focus turns scattered light into a laser that ignites paper.

When we focus tightly on something we acquire it. Good or bad.

Your life proves this in a thousand ways.

You were born naked, knowing nothing, owning nothing.

Look around your life now. You’ve acquired everything you see. Everything you know. Everything you’re experiencing.
Your clothes. Your dwelling. Your electronic device. That cat or dog or friend or spouse.
Clearly, you’ve been able to focus.

Your soul has the power to adjust its wattage to attract and acquire whatever it most wants.
You increase the wattage by strengthing your connection to the source and tightening your focus.

Your power is just waiting for you to clearly define and focus upon a specific target.

The bigger the desire, the tighter the focus required.

Most drift through life with their focus diffused. They don’t realize the power of that dial.
So they manifest small things. Comfortable things. Habitual things.
Or worse, they leave their focus on auto-pilot and unawarely manifest things they DON’T want.

Connection is the power. Focus is the magic attractor.

Awareness keeps it directed on what you want.



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