Tough Love

By Mike Johnson

If you catch your spouse cheating on you, you'll doubt everything they say or do forever.
Or at the least, until they deeply, sincerely apologize, make amends and re-establish a long and consistent track record of honest, loving, loyal behavior.

Short of flat-out murder or rape, betrayal is the worst offense anyone can commit.

Government and their mainstream media betray us every single day. Every single one of us. No matter the political party.
Yet millions of Americans still listen, obey, and believe their lies.

Like a cheating spouse who refuses to apologize and make amends, government and their media should be dumped. Divorced. Expunged from our lives.

They are abusers. Criminals. Devils.

Lies are fraud. Fraud negates everything.

The legal phrase is “fraud vitiates (spoils, corrupts, nullifies) everything.”

Fraud negates all authority. All laws and decrees. All legitimate power of office.

You do not have to obey.
You do not have to pay.
You do not have to do anything they say.
They are illegitimate and have no authority over you whatsoever.

The covid situation is fraudulent betrayal example #1. The government and their media are actively trying to MURDER you. The US Department of Defense (DOD) created covid-19 in a lab, launched it on the public, created “tests” that created 100% false-positive results, then used the media to list daily "case counts," scaring 60%+ to take their “vaccines.” These injections are purposely-created, gene-altering bioweapons that do nothing to stop covid. Yet government and media endlessly call them “safe & effective” while their own published statistics prove they are injuring and killing millions.

All those younger people who get disabled or "die suddenly?" It's the bioweapon injections.

17,000 credentialed doctors have signed a letter demanding they be stopped. Government and media response? Censorship and crickets.

Fraudulent betrayal example #2 is looting our tax money and counterfeiting our currency. Real inflation is 17% (, not the 8% government claims. Inflation is caused by creating new dollars from thin air. TRILLIONS are created every year to pay government commitments that far surpass the taxes they collect. Each new dollar dilutes (lowers) the value of your dollar. Your dollar buys 17% less than it did last year because of government mismanagement and theft. This means the government is openly stealing 17% of your wages and savings and tax payments without your permission. Every single year. And the percentage will keep climbing because the rest of the world is dumping their worth-less dollars as fast as they can.

Now government and their media are purposely, fraudulently pushing us into global war and/or civil war to hide the above frauds.

People who trust and obey liars and fraudsters are licking the boots of those who abuse them. They have defective cognitive ability. They’ve been fooled. They are not right in the head or the soul. Their opinion was built on lies they mistook as truth and should be ignored. These people deserve our sympathy, not any respect for their misguided, fraud-based opinions.

Fraud vitiates everything. Including the opinions of fools who don’t yet know better.

Until these people realize their government and media are betraying them, they will continue to trust and serve them. Their numbers are still large enough for government to maintain power and media to maintain viewership.

So the most ignorant of us all are enabling the destruction of the rest.

Which is just the way the fraudulent government and their media want it. They want us fighting among ourselves so we do not unite. If everyone realized the truth of their fraud and betrayal, we would mass and remove them from power and the airwaves immediately. We out-number them and their enforcers 10,000 to 1.

So... to those of you who still trust government and mainstream media:


We saw it happen.

We see it continue to happen.

We have indisputable proof.

Millions of us are trying to tell you.

But apparently you just can’t conceive that is possible.

We're your friend. We love you. We want the best for you. But you're being an oblivious knucklehead.

So we’re all just shaking our heads behind your back, as you keep defending your abuser.



Indisputable evidence of my covid claims: End of Humanity?

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