Investing With Devils

By Mike Johnson

Some people say life on earth is a massive digital simulation. This information rabbit hole has some compelling evidence. Itís on my list to study deeper.

Once you consider the possibility of a global simulation, smaller simulations seem much more likely.

With artificial intelligence (AI) proliferating across all platforms, it is not a reach to assume evil applications are already in use.

Hotel and campground reservation systems use AI to maximize rates. They evaluate the number of vacancies, the time of day, the wealth of the person reserving and his past payment history at the facility, to quote the maximum rate the customer is likely to accept.

AI is also now writing lengthy articles about any topic on command, performing better than 90% of all journalists.

I think we've all received advertisements on our phones or computers after talking about related topics with friends.

So itís not a reach to assume the stock market is an AI-run simulation. Perhaps there is no such thing as real time markets. Itís all preprogrammed to appear live, with those in control knowing the results days, weeks and months in advance.

Your real money is skimmed a little at a time, like a Vegas slot machine, giving a consistent, programmed percentage to the house. Like slot machines, you have the occasional ďwinĒ to encourage more play. But the house knows youíll keep playing and lose that ďwinĒ plus much more.

When you look at all the other lies and theft and evil performed by the cabal in charge, there is no way the stock market is being run honestly. I believe the chance of it being a pre-programmed video game -- that favors the house -- is 99%.

So I never invest there. I donít trust the cabal. And the stock market is 100% run by the deepest, darkest, ugliest parts of the cabal. The devils. One day soon, they will snap the trap shut. Your money will be locked on the inside and you will be on the outside. Theyíll blame it on something else of course, but youíll be left holding the empty bag.

Most people have all their investments and retirement accounts tied up there. Which is already a slow-motion tragedy unfolding as the market bleeds out. With 17% REAL inflation (, your stock investment purchase power will never again have ANY actual growth. Investing more, just adds to your losses. And itís all losses from here on out.

Unless you convert those digit and dollar statements to real goods, real properties and real physical assets. Ideally, physical assets that generate income like businesses and residential income properties.

I suspect the stock market is a flashy Vegas simulation. They see you as the tourist who just fell off the turnip truck. But it's worse than that. They laugh at you. They enjoy destroying you. They get off on your pain. They hate you because you were made by God.

If you withdraw your money now, you stick it to the cabal.

If you wait, the cabal will stick it to you.


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