Most Enforcers Should Immediately Quit

Photo source: The corrupt, immoral & unlawful CDC

By Mike Johnson

95% of enforcers should immediately quit their jobs and repent. Get away from the ignorant and evil bosses higher up the chain. Change careers.

As an enforcer, you’re only personally as moral and lawful as what you’ll enforce.
Cops, soldiers, tax agents, health workers, managers and other authorities are pushed by job duties and bosses to perform immoral and unlawful actions every day.

These actions are performed against other human beings. These actions are immoral and unlawful because they violate citizen rights, health or financial well-being, or are not lawfully delegated authorities as spelled out in the state and federal constitutions.

Most enforcers unawarely HURT people. They become henchmen for tyrants.

It is the nature of power and authority to grow larger than its limits.

God will judge you for these actions. “Just obeying orders” will not get you off the hook.

Just a small percentage of enforcers have the courage, clarity and knowledge to tell their bosses “NO!” If you’re one of these people, keep your job. We need you right there.

But to the rest, get out. Get out now. As the world accelerates its collapse, your orders are going to get exponentially more immoral and unlawful.

If you obey, you’ll become just like the SS in Nazi Germany. You’ll lose your soul.

If you’re already a corrupt leader, judge, banker, health official, journalist, injection pusher or enforcer, your soul is lost. You’re doomed and you deserve it. You deserve it in spades. Or hades.

If not, it's far better to lose your job than lose your soul.

Quit your job today and repent.

If you’re on the fence, read your state and federal constitutions to see the limits of your (and your boss’s) authority. You’ll quickly see how unlawful (and evil) your enforcement has become. It's a slippery slope and with a little introspection, you're sure to see stains upon your soul.

It's the nature of power to grow larger than its limits. Don't be part of this.

Save your neighbors. Save your soul.

Do not enforce immoral and unlawful orders.

Tyranny cannot exist without people willing to enforce it.

The best of YOU will not exist IF you enforce it.

Most enforcers cannot discern a lawful order from an unlawful order. They tend to blindly obey authority. So staying in that job will likely lead to your soul's doom.

Get out while you still can.



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