Personally Liable

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By Mike Johnson

When surrounded by others doing kooky things, it can seem “normal” for you to do them too.

Staring at your cell phone is one such kooky activity.
Waiting in line for a $6 cup of coffee is another.
Getting a body piercing or tattoo is quite odd.

All look rather ridiculous to someone detached from the hive.

Then there are criminal activities that have become “normalized.”

Injecting someone with a bioweapon covid vaccine.
Pulling over a motorist to steal $100 under the guise of "public safety."
Selling unneeded products, insurance or warranties to the gullible and elderly.

Or how about these?

Working for media that prints or broadcasts fake news.
Working for education that teaches destructive social norms, fake history and grooms kids to give their prime, daytime hours to others for the rest of their lives.
Working for the federal, state or local governments that are openly tyrannizing and pillaging citizens.
Working for banks, which create money out of thin air, stealing the purchase power of everyone’s money.
Working for a judge, prosecutor or lawyer who violates the constitution and/or takes bribes to tip cases in injust ways.
Working for hospitals that utilize treatment protocols that kill people because the government pays them a bonus to use them.
Working for the US military, which turns you into a henchman for the civilian and military criminals that order unlawful and immoral missions.

Normal people, doing normal jobs, evaluating their behavior by how it conforms to their coworkers and bosses.

Being a good employee of nefarious organizations does not free you from personal liability.
If you enforce harmful rules, inject a poison, assist in theft or kill people because you were ordered to do so, YOU are the one who committed the sin.

You soiled your soul and you are personally liable for that behavior.

Your boss will not defend you when you stand before your creator during your life review.

It’s all on YOU.

Look closer at what you do.
There are ways to influence your boss and peers to tone down their harmful treatment.
There are ways to help victims by loosening the rigidity of "policy" or "enforcement."

If that doesn't work, the moral, aware and sentient being quits that job to save his soul.
Then he finds a better way to earn income that does not damage others.

Enlightened people create and earn their own new value, not assist the stealing from others.
They promote sovereign and abundant life for all, rather than stunt, damage or end it.
They refuse to assist or enable criminals and tyrants to operate or flourish under the guise of “normal.”

Wake up. Take responsibility.

Are you being paid to take actions that hurt others?

YOU are personally liable for every single action you ever perform, no matter who ordered it or who is paying you to do it.

Is it worth it?

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