What You're Rooting For May Be Rigged

Photo: Verne Gagne, public domain

By Mike Johnson

The Boston Bruins just achieved the best regular season record in the history of the National Hockey League.
The Colorado Avalanche entered this year’s playoffs as the defending Stanley Cup Champions.
Both were eliminated in the first round of playoffs by lesser teams.
Both lost in 7 games.


Books have been written about rigging results in professional sports. It's been verified to have occurred in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and college sports.

In theory, it's not against the law to fix sports contests because they are classified as “entertainment businesses.” However, this may have changed now that open sports betting is allowed.

Where there is big money, there is opportunity for big corruption. It’s heartbreaking to learn this about the things you’ve loved.

With a closer look, things are rarely the way they appear.

I’ve been a sports fan for 60 years. I know the passion. The hope. The shared team culture in your community. The pain. The devastation of your team’s season ending on one disputed play.

In retrospect, I gave way too much energy and life force to the teams I followed.

Ultimately, the two I loved the most, the Twins & the Vikings, put their boot in my face by going woke, forcing the bioweapon injections and donating tens of millions to the people who burned down a big chunk of Minneapolis.

These teams are now dead to me. Which breaks my heart.

When I was a kid, we watched “professional” wrestling on Saturday night TV. It was obviously and admittedly fixed, but we never really grasped that concept. We hooted, hollered and rooted for our favorites with all our hearts.

Later, as an adult, I learned that Verne Gagne, the “World Champion,” owned his own wrestling league and hired and paid all the wrestlers. It was a business that he took on tour. I guess that’s why a trim, 180 pound guy could become the “Heavy Weight Wrestling Champion of the World.”

With some age and perspective, the rigging of matches was ridiculously obvious.

To all you sports fans still obsessed with your teams, I suggest stepping away for a season.

You’ll be amazed at what you realize with a bit more perspective.



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