Devils Fear Clarity

By Mike Johnson

Clarity is strength. Uncertainty is weakness.
Most people live in uncertainty.

When you are absolutely certain that something is true, you have clarity.

Clarity makes it easy to speak freely, confidently and bravely.
Clarity makes it easy to make decisive life decisions.
Clarity makes it easy to tell ignorant, dishonest and evil people “NO!”

Clarity is certain of facts that others do not even know.
Clarity sees with uncommon perspective.
Clarity quickly sizes up situations and makes the best decisions for all.

You gain clarity by doing your own research.
By using your God-given, critical-thinking discernment.
By applying your expertise on human nature, lie detection, prior history and experience.

You do not cavalierly turn your brain over to others, despite their credentials or authority.
You’ve seen too many credentialed people in authority who are idiots, jerks or criminals.
You understand that humans are fallible and corruptible. No matter what their position or title.

Clarity allows you to withstand 1,000 people insisting that you are wrong, while peacefully smiling because you are certain that you are right.

Not ego right, but RIGHT right. Factually right. Integrity right. God-as-my-witness right.

It is always the top 5% that advance any society. Someone is the smartest person in the room. With clarity, you are likely that person.

With uncertainty, you’re just another pawn on the devils' chessboard. Just another problem the people with clarity have to work around.

The evil cabal in this world only survives because their lies have made the masses uncertain. Confused. Divided. Weak.

Those with clarity clearly see the cabal's crimes. Their crimes are capital offenses against all of humanity.

Despite 10,000 evil authorities denying the truth, those with clarity vividly see their dark deeds and dark souls.

Devils are devils no matter how pretty their lies, how loud their microphones, how large their crowns.

Clarity enthusiastically dons the armor of God, gaining the courage to call those devils out.

With enough clarity and God, everyone is omnipotent.

Us realizing that, is what the devils fear the most.



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