Food For Thought

By Mike Johnson

When I review all the strange foods I ate in childhood, I find it puzzling.
How did I ever survive?

The truth is, I haven’t really changed my diet since.

Childhood memories imprint the deepest and access to my favorite foods was a rare luxury that made me feel rich.

So even in adulthood, those same opulent feelings sparked and popped when I saw this puzzle at Hobby Lobby.

Some of those foods were family staples like Kool-Aid, Wonder Bread and macaroni & cheese.

But others were exotic luxuries.

Paper route money gave me more access to these old friends than most other kids.

Those poor kids were limited to begging parents for their luxuries, always a low-success strategy.

Because parents constantly told me “no,” I developed workaround skills to acquire most of what I desired.

Because I saw “junk food” as luxury cuisine, my body ingested it as such. What we believe about our food greatly impacts how it affects our body.

Today, I keep many childhood favorites around because just looking at them makes me feel good.

When you feel good, you are RICH.



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