Connected to the Source

Photo credit: Margie Johnson

By Mike Johnson

Lake Itasca is the source of the Mississippi River.
From this humble mouth, the river flows 2,340 miles, touching ten states. Itís tributaries form the total or partial drainage for 32 states between the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains.

Like all bodies of water, any drop within is a piece of the whole.

So it is with human souls.

God is Lake Itasca. You are a drop in the mighty Mississippi.

You may believe you are separated from God, but this is only your mental delusion. A drop of the Mississippi in New Orleans is connected to the water in Lake Itasca.

You may believe you are separate from others, but a drop of the river in Minneapolis is the same water as a drop in St. Louis. You can believe youíre separated but youíre always part of the whole.

Godís consciousness includes all creation. And you are part of that. You are INSIDE that. You marinate in God. God permeates every thought in your mind and every cell in your body and every person, place and object in your world. Your consciousness cannot perceive anything that is not a piece of God.

ďMy Father and I are one.Ē

Focusing on that is the same as visiting the source of the Mississippi.

Youíre not just a tourist.

Itís your birthplace. Itís your birthright. Itís your heritage.

Itís your home.



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