JFK's Plane

Photo by Margie Johnson at National Museum, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio

By Mike Johnson

I wasn't worthy of entering JFK's plane.

The boarding ladder itself proved I was 20 feet above my normal station in life. The man himself had passed through this very doorway, now open to commoners.

I was six when insiders, behind the throne, murdered him. I only say this after thousands of hours researching the crime.

Ever since, presidents have been the puppets of unelected masters, shadowy figures who call the shots, commanding the worlds of military, intelligence, industry, media and central banking.

The federal government was violently overthrown 60 years ago. They blamed it on a patsy who conveniently worked for military intelligence, the FBI and the CIA.

Then they rubbed him out before he could defend himself, killed by a night club owner proven to work for the mob.

We bought it. The perpetrators became more brazen, encouraged by how gullible we were.

I wish it wasn't so. I wish more people realized that human nature replays itself over and over. What happened in Roman times, replays today.

Our federal representatives no longer represent us. They represent their handlers.

Unlimited money, combined with the threat of murdering your family, can break any man.

These broken, compromised leaders are now openly attacking the citizens they "serve," obeying diabolical orders from the cabal that owns them & the world.

So don't put your hopes in "leaders" who promise to improve your life.

It's all on you.

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