Sixty Years

Photo by Mike Johnson, Statue in Rapid City, SD

By Mike Johnson

Elements of the US government murdered President John F Kennedy 60 years ago this week.
That event became the largest, never-ending research project of my life.

The CIA was in it.
The FBI was in on it.
The US military was in on it.
The Secret Service was in on it.
Lyndon Johnson was in on it.

It was an intricate, multi-facet, multi-year, conspiracy of the top leaders of the above agencies.
This cabal of killers may have started their ambush plans the very day JFK won election.

There are a dozen viable reasons why these people wanted him killed.
But they all boiled down to one reason.

As President, JFK thought he ran things. The cabal of corrupt leaders knew differently.
They weren’t going to let some politician randomly create problems for their evil scams.

So they murdered him. Very publicly. Very violently.
It was a warning to future presidents.

Presidents don’t run things, WE DO.
Stay in your lane or we’ll rub you out.

America lost its naivety that day.
75% of our population doesn’t believe the government’s official narrative about the killing.
For good reason.

Thanks to an army of citizen-researchers, enough evidence has been collected over the decades to identify the top conspirators.
The evidence also clears Oswald as a shooter.
This evidence is sprinkled throughout bookshelves across the world.
Unfortunately, these bookshelves are also sprinkled with vast amounts of misinformation, starting with the Warren Report.

The best way to hide the truth is to bury it within mounds of untruth.

Discernment is required.
It takes years of research to get your arms around the many tangents in the case, let alone determine truth.

Here is the truth that all Americans must embrace or they too, will be killed by this cabal.

This cabal is so evil it negated an election and seized our country by killing the president.
They installed a puppet president whom they owned, Lyndon Johnson.
They framed a patsy and murdered him on live TV, violently (another message), before he could speak in court.
They abused their positions and authority to omit true evidence, add false evidence, and cover it all up.
They immediately expanded the Vietnam war to benefit themselves, at the cost of 58,000 American lives and 2 million Vietnamese lives.

The world then veered off in a radically awful direction that led us to today.

Sixty years ago, the cabal got away with murdering a president and launching a false narrative.
Nothing since, has prevented them from perpetrating larger crimes and larger lies.

The world you are presented is not the truth.
Most horrible events over the past 60 years are not “accidents.”
Most horrible events are not done by “others.”

The cabal has perpetrated the worst events themselves, and framed others for the crimes.

Need a short list?

Wars, drug-trafficking, mass shootings, riots, election thefts, Covid, 911, fake news, murdered celebrities including Princess Diana and JFK, jr., poisoned food, fluorinated water, inflation, destruction of the family and education, chemtrails, weather catastrophes, poison vaccines, child trafficking, weaponization of government and justice systems against citizens, and race, gender & political party fights that divide citizens & foment civil war.

Pick any bad-event rabbit hole and the cabal likely did it on purpose. Then lied about it and covered it up with their fake news media.

Americans fail to grasp the size and reach of the cabal.
It's had 60 years of unlimited, print-from-thin-air-money to buy, bribe, threaten or blackmail everything and everyone they desire.
They own every elected and corporate leader, expert, prosecutor, judge, sheriff, general, scientist, organization, agency, and media that’s needed to cover their crimes.

For the past 60 years, this same cabal has used you as a milk cow.
Your labor, purchases and taxes have funded their systems of control, destruction and tyranny.

Now that they have all their people in their places, you’re a beef cow.
They no longer need you.
You’re on their list to be slaughtered.

Yet you still obey, still watch their lying media, still purchase their products, still invest in their rigged stocks & bonds, still keep money in their banks, still pay taxes, still send your kids to their schools and military, still work for their governments, and still believe you can vote them out in their fraudulent elections.

The farce is strong in you.

We out-number this cabal and its enforcers by 10,000 to 1.

Unfortunately, a big chunk of this 10,000 still has no idea they are serving and enabling the cabal that is trying to kill them.

Sixty years ago, the cabal murdered John F Kennedy.

Today, they're aiming directly at you and your family.

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