Processing Shoulds

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By Mike Johnson

Discomfort lives in the space between procrastination and desire.

Your higher self wants to do it, but your lower self refuses to jump in and get it done.

Paint the garage.
Lose ten pounds.
Write that will.

Most have a list of “shoulds” hanging over them like a bucket of ice water.

The discomfort of shoulds ruins the pleasure of now.

Eventually, we learn to just dive into the task and get it done. We quit resisting and ENGAGE.

Once immersed, the work gets done quickly and is erased from concern.

The task is complete and our mind is clear.

The clear mind is so refreshing that we wonder why we let ourselves suffer so long.

That’s two ways to handle it. Do it or don't do it.

Enlightened people approach it with an elegant third way. They just erase the should the moment it becomes visible on the mind’s marquee. Nothing hangs over them without their conscious permission.

Somehow, the world continues to function with all three ways in use.

The question is, how does your process make YOU function?



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