Employee Shortages

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By Mike Johnson

Since the magic virus arrived, the number of viable business opportunities has greatly shrunk.

This is because it's now difficult to fully staff most types of businesses.

Not just difficult, virtually impossible.

The #1 reason is that 30% of the American workforce was injured or killed by the bioweapon injections.

Here is the Proof.

Thatís 29 million workers affected Ė either permanently disabled, dead or so badly injured they canít work full-time. Plus the family members who had to reduce or leave employment to become care-givers.

Others dropped out of employment due to state and federal benefits, lockdown laziness (tasted freedom and decided to keep it) early retired, or started their own side gigs.

This means that vast swaths of businesses are now perpetually short help.

This hit restaurants, bars, hotels and tourist attractions the hardest. Repair businesses, healthcare and airlines were also devasted by losing so much skilled labor. Mechanics, plumbers, electricians, appliance repairmen, doctors, nurses and pilots are far harder to replace.

This is never going to get better.

No smart person is starting or buying one of these perpetually short-staffed businesses today. Too many headaches.

Because so many Americans still trusted mainstream media and authorities, it was easy for the cabal to destroy the American economy by destroying millions of people.

Many are still so ignorant and unaware that they donít even know this happened. Some people just canít be helped.

The best businesses to own today are those that require the least number of employees.

Mobile home parks. Storage units. Campgrounds.

Or businesses where you do the work yourself like real estate, lawn care, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, heavy equipment, chimney sweeping, car detailing.

Here are 87 ways to earn income without a job: Some of these 87 ways could become your new fulltime business.

As long as the devilís cabal remains in charge, employee shortages will never improve.

The wise are adjusting accordingly.



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