Where's Your Money?

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By Mike Johnson

The devils have stolen your money. It’s already gone, you just don’t realize it. They’ve totally cleaned you out.

This is hidden by the monthly statement they send. It says you have so much money in certain accounts.

What you fail to grasp is that the statement is just a promise to pay. It is not the money itself. They cannot pay what they do not have.

Your account managers took your real money and spent it on over-priced “paper assets” to get you a “return.”
The “assets” that back up your deposits are only worth a fraction of what they claim.
Only 3% to 10% of your real money is held in accounts. This means 90% to 97% of all account holders will not get their money.
Nothing. Zilch. Zollie. Zero.

Are you feeling lucky?

The USA credit rating was just downgraded. A dozen banks were just downgraded. Real inflation is running 15% to 100% depending on the item. So any money you get from your accounts will buy that much less.

Your account's purchasing power is melting like ice cream on an August sidewalk.

This will not improve because the federal government is spending nearly two trillion dollars more than it takes in, EVERY YEAR. They cannot stop counterfeiting money out of thin air. If they do, everything collapses. The interest payment on their $32 trillion debt will exceed $1 trillion PER YEAR in just a few more months. This debt is impossible to repay. It's growing exponentially. A collapse is certain.

The devils are laughing at you.

The last act of the devils' theft will be to cover it up. Perhaps a made-up enemy will hack and destroy the Internet records. Maybe they’ll just blow up the entire building that houses the computers and blame it on North Korea or Russia or Trump voters. They're goading Russia to start a nuclear war right now. The devils have bunkers, we don't.

When they can no longer hide the losses, it's certain they’ll suffer some calamity they can scapegoat.

You’ll get nothing dammit, and like it.

But there is some good news.

Expect them to say something like this (if we're still alive): “Thanks to our wise foresight, we were prepared with this digital currency. It’s unfortunate that it is only convertible to one dime for every dollar you lost, but if it wasn’t for our superior wisdom, you’d get nothing.”

Once this plays out, you’ll want to strangle every banker, everywhere. But most are innocent. They just unawarely work for the devils at the top, and like you, do not realize the crimes.

But that doesn't help you. Your friendly, unaware account manager can't pay what he doesn't have. You’ll have no recourse. You’ll be screwed. Your family will be screwed. Everyone you love will be screwed.

Unless you withdrawal all your money NOW.

This allows you to screw THEM before they screw you.

Waiting is stupid. It doesn’t matter if stocks double in price when that price buys fewer goods than it buys today. Savers are massive losers, despite whatever “gains” your statement shows. If you’re not earning 15% to 100% on your money, it is MELTING not growing. So there is no incentive to keep it in the devil’s vaults.

The smart money figured this out years ago. They’ve been converting melting dollars and digits into real goods and physical, income-producing assets for many years.

That music you hear in the background is a game of musical chairs.

There are only three chairs for every 100 players.

The music will stop any moment.


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