You Own THEM

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By Mike Johnson

I own every elected leader in my community. I own the local and state health officials. I even own the local newspaper editors.

How? During the covid crisis, in dozens of emails, I informed everyone from the governor to law enforcement to the school board and local newspapers about the covid flim-flam operation. I backed it up with hundreds of documented facts from credentialed, credible doctors, nurses, scientists and government statistics. They knew by mid-2021 that the covid injections were injuring and killing 100X more people than all other vaccines in history, COMBINED.

Yet they did nothing to stop it. NOTHING. Not one of them spoke publicly about this.
I freely offered them the fruits of my thousands of hours of censored, non-mainstream research. Not one of them ever called me to learn more. Or ask questions.

Instead, like a gaggle of geese, they all just grouped together and mimicked the same narrative honk.

Two years later, they still haven't come clean.

I sent them doctor-written proofs that there were better, safe & effective, inexpensive, home treatments available that WORKED without injections, but they never told the public. I sent them medical proofs that masks could not stop a virus and that restricting respiratory systems causes harm. Yet they mandated the masks to kids! I sent them declarations from thousands of doctors warning people not to take the injections. But they still allowed employers and colleges to mandate the bioweapon injections!

My dozens of emails to them document this. This digital evidence indicts them in moral (and perhaps actual) crimes against humanity. Digital evidence lasts forever. It’s now public record. Everyone on my mailing list has evidence that these leaders enabled injury and murder.

They know they are guilty. The longer they received my emails and did not act, the longer they were complicit. They could’ve admitted they were fooled by corrupt “experts” and redeemed themselves by warning citizens. But they never did. They hope this all just goes away. Now their souls are stained forever.

The honest ones know they screwed up. They know they trusted the wrong “experts.” They now realize that the authorities they obeyed were corrupt or just parroting what they were told by superiors. These "leaders" never did any of their own research. They just followed. They became useful idiots for the cabal that launched the covid event. They're likely embarrassed by their behavior but fear admitting that because it will cause them problems.

Some of our leaders must be corrupt themselves. They knowingly participated in the assault and murder. They deserve jail or worse.

Others were flat-out fooled. Some are gullible knuckleheads who still don’t realize what happened. Others just go along to get along. They are weak and lazy and afraid to lead. Some public officials even blocked my emails, a violation of their public duty to serve citizens. Not only are they failures, they’re arrogant too.

All of them failed the citizens they are sworn to protect. All of them hurt people by their inaction.

And this is in conservative, friendly, neighborly, small-town Wyoming. Imagine how bad this situation was in bigger, liberal, citified areas.

The corruption, ignorance, laziness and apathy is really disappointing.

This is what we’re up against throughout America.

Keep this in mind before you comply with anything they demand in the future.

Remember their guilt and remember the state and federal constitutions.

These documents clearly state that public officials don’t own you, YOU OWN THEM.

This covid situation has revealed that the typical self-researching citizen is far more informed, courageous, honest and competent than most any mainstream "leader," "official," "expert" or "authority."

Never forget. Adjust your behavior accordingly.

You own THEM.

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