Grand Jurys Are Grand Frauds

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By Mike Johnson

More bogus charges against our former president continue to be prosecuted.
Government and justice systems are now weaponized against citizens.

This only stands because we allow it. We only allow it because the criminals who have taken over government and justice systems lie.
They lie to confuse us, fool us, divide us and tyrannize us.
Their lies keep a “peaceful battlefield.” Confused by lies, we continue our lives as normal while they continually attack. They pay no price for their lies and pay no price for their tyranny.

Our justice system was set up to make it difficult for government to imprison citizens.
A grand jury of citizens must listen to government’s arguments and agree to prosecute any citizen.
But statistics show that 99.9% of all grand juries vote to approve government prosecutions of citizens.

Shame on us.

Clearly, a large portion of these prosecutions are in error. Or in the case of our former president, totally fraudulent.
Citizens in grand juries had to side with government to advance the cases.
Apparently, government is very efficient at fooling citizens.

In fact, grand juries originally had the power to independently investigate the same government that was bringing a case against a citizen. If the jurists suspected government lies or tyranny, they could directly indict the dishonest official(s). Unlawful rule changes in 1946 stripped grand jurys of this power, although they still lawfully have it if they just employ it.

The solution is obvious.

Whenever seated on a jury, suspect the government of lying. Every time in every case. Looked through these eyes, you’ll frequently vote AGAINST government. You can even make the case to ALWAYS vote against the government because they have unlawfully bastardized the process.
You are protecting citizens from tyrants.
In America, we have established self-government. Citizens are superior to government because we CREATED it. Without our consent, government loses all lawful power.

What government officials do outside the law – like lying and filing false charges -- allows us to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate THEM.


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