Do Not Comply With Covid Crimes

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By Mike Johnson

The cabal is rolling out the covid attacks again.

They are starting to mandate masks and social distancing in multiple locations. Some places are STILL mandating the bioweapon injections even though they have been proven to be 100 times more deadly and injurious than all vaccines ever created, COMBINED.

The covid injections do nothing to treat or cure covid. They are DEATH shots.

Millions have been killed, permanently disabled and injured by the purposely-created bioweapons. The government's own reports say so.

The masks do nothing to stop covid, yet cause mental and physical harm in hundreds of ways. You cannot block your respiratory system without killing brain cells and worse.

Ordering children to wear masks is child abuse.
Ordering adults to wear masks is assault.

There is only one peaceful way to stop the spread of these covid crimes. DO NOT COMPLY.

NO ONE has the legal authority to force anyone to wear a mask, take an injection, close their business or order you to stay at home. NO ONE.

NONE of that is lawful. Anyone who enforces any of this is a criminal, operating under color of law.

The governor cannot do it.
Health officials cannot do it.
State legislators cannot do it.
The school board cannot do it.
The county commissioners cannot do it.
The mayors cannot do it.
Your employer cannot do it.
Your college cannot do it.
The police and deputies cannot do it.

Informed citizens are superior to every one of these people and can lawfully REFUSE TO COMPLY.

"No. I cannot safely wear a mask or take an injection. I will not harm myself."

"No. You will not mask my child. You cannot block their respiratory system without injury. If you do, I will file charges against you personally for child abuse."

Citizens can peacefully stop the spread of these attacks by refusing to comply with the criminals who are pushing them.

Ignorant authorities proved last time they cannot be trusted (See 43 reasons why below). Educate yourself with credible, credentialed, non-mainstream information, treatments and sources.

No one can lawfully force you to harm yourself or your children.


Legal Disclaimer



Wyoming Constitution (Read preamble and statement of rights beginning on page 5. Pay special attention to #1, #7, #21, #33 and #38)

United States Constitution, Bill of Rights (4th amendment: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons... shall not be violated")

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