Worthy Missions

By Mike Johnson

Enforcers such as police, soldiers, managers & tax agents are worthy humans if performing a moral, lawful mission. But supporting an immoral, unlawful mission, boss or organization, makes them henchmen.

It's a slippery, sneaky slope. Evil & misguided leaders use employees' loyalty, duty, dependency & work ethic against them.

Don't let it. Look deeper at who you work for to verify they are worthy of the actions you're asked to perform. Look deeper at your state & federal constitutions to verify the orders you're given are actually lawful. Many are not.

When your life here ends, your boss won't be around to defend you from your own questionable actions.

If you find yourself saying, "just following orders," perhaps it's time for a career change.

Better to lose your job than lose your soul.

Our rights don't come from the constitutions, they come from God, as natural rights that we gain at birth. The constitutions only spell out certain rights to forever remind governments they cannot infringe upon those rights.


For ANY reason.

The state & federal constitutions are actually the contracts that clearly define the limits we the people have placed on government. These documents chain the governments to very few delegated areas of authority & NO MORE.

Anything they do beyond those limits is outside their authority & immediately unlawful, null & void.

The enforcement of an unlawful order, is itself unlawful.

We do not need courts or lawyers to define these violations. As citizens, we are superior to all government, can read & interpret the state & national constitutions, & lawfully refuse compliance to ANY unlawful orders, decrees, laws or ordinances.

The constitutions chain & restrict governments, NOT citizens. Citizens are free, governments are greatly restricted.

If a critical mass of people realized this truth & stopped complying to everything outside government's lawful authority, government would quickly melt to nearly nothing, as it was originally designed.

Ignorance has a cost and that cost is tyranny.

Tyranny cannot exist without enforcers.

Tyranny cannot exist without obedience.

Tyranny is going to force us all to choose between good & evil.


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