Your Body is Just an Avatar

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By Mike Johnson

The good news is that you are not your body.
You are the consciousness that inhabits your body.

This is proved in many ways.
But like a fish in water, these ways are so close that they can be overlooked.

Start with this. Pick up a cup.
Now watch yourself replace the cup.
The watcher is who you really are, not the hand.

This is great news because the body is temporary but your consciousness is eternal.

YOU are consciousness. YOU are eternal.

When you really gain clarity about this, everything changes.

Life gets easier. Looser. Relaxed.
Adversity, crisis and death lose much of their pain.
You gain courage, humor, patience and love.

Andy Petro died for 15 minutes in earth time that he experienced as years in spirit time. He learned that nothing here really matters. It all becomes insignificant the moment we return “home.”

Here is a 21-minute video of his compelling and amazing story: Andy Petro Shares Ultimate Truth

Andy is just one of thousands of people who have experienced the other side and returned back to earth. Once you watch his story, you'll be cued to about a dozen others. Watching those stories will be the best investment of time you’ll make this year, and perhaps your life.

Once you realize everything here is temporary except consciousness, you gain a perspective that makes life a hundred times easier, richer and less painful.




We Live Forever

Great Book: "Consciousness Is What I Am" by Joel Goldsmith


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