Authority is No Oracle

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By Mike Johnson

Most people hamstring their life by seeking permission, approval and validation.
Big mistake.

This destroys our spirit and our potential.

No man is superior to you. NO MAN.

Kowtowing to “authority” makes us live as mice when we’re actually giants.

We do not need school or college for our education.

We do not need science or doctors to maintain our health.

We do not need media to curate what’s “important.”

We do not need lawyers or courts to determine what is right and just.

We do not need leaders to anoint what is true and false.

Our own study and discernment are fully capable to do all this ourselves.

We were made by God. In his image.

Many “authority” figures are the worst of humanity, not the best. People who seek power over others are massively defective.
Normal people want no power over anyone.

Self-education. Self-introspection. Self-determination.

You are capable of all of that.

But not until you see authority for the imposter it actually is.

Authority is NOT an oracle. It is an oppressor, spewing lies that make you believe you’re a mouse when you’re actually a GIANT.

Authority is an illusion of omnipotence when it is actually harmful nothingness.

Stop harming yourself. Do not submit to lies and illusion.

Wake up from your foolishness. YOU are your own, best, most credible and benevolent authority.

YOU are your Oracle.



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