An Easy Nudge

By Mike Johnson

I love watching the morning school bus cross our valley two miles below. It reminds me I don’t have to be on it.
Thousands of my childhood wishes finally came true.

It’s an odd custom to collect kids in an orange bus and haul them to school. It’s an expensive system. Parents have cars. Kids have feet and bicycles. Carpools can be formed. Why buses?

Think of the vast sums of money spent just on school infrastructure. Land. Buildings. Gymnasiums. Lunchrooms. Athletic fields. Desks. Computers. Whiteboards and projectors.
Now multiply this by thousands of schools.
Billions are spent before the first dime is invested in books, teachers and actual learning.

Hidden in property taxes, the cost of public school seems “free.” The state has made it easy to ship off, babysit and “school” our kids.

I wonder why?

The other day at Walmart, I was wandering through electronics. They no longer display TVs that are 32 inches or smaller. They are stacked edgewise on a shelf like library books, still in their cartons. None cost more than $150.

I remember the days when a 12-inch TV was the norm. A 25-inch console if you were rich. Today, less than 32 inches is shunned by the masses.

Even the huge TVs are incredibly inexpensive.

I wonder why?

With the right incentives and pressures, our behavior is easy to “nudge.” People are easy to manipulate.

Public school teaches us to behave, conform and respect authority. It normalizes turning our minds and bodies over to others. It fills our heads with the "standard" curriculum. It controls our physical environment for eight prime-time hours, grooming us to accept the same at a workplace later. Most parents never notice this. They appreciate the break from their kids. Besides, they have to work too.

How convenient for the cabal.

Cheap TVs fill our heads with whatever the cabal desires. Smart TVs let the cabal watch US. Few care or notice.

How convenient for the cabal.

Of course they’ve made our “education” and “information” effortless. It's to their benefit.

Now dilute the purchase power of dollars and moms have to work outside the home. Time and money pressures then cause the break-up of families. Broken families cause alcohol and drug use. Depression. Stress. Medical issues. Prescriptions. Criminal activity. More incarceration. Children from broken homes then repeat the pattern. These are all problems that governments get to “solve,” giving more power and control to the cabal.

No one notices that the government and bank divisions of the cabal purposely created the melting dollar problem by overspending and counterfeiting trillions.
Broken people have no time to supervise government.
Or research the diabolical actions of the cabal.
So life continues to worsen.

How convenient for the cabal.

Look at your daily activity with fresh eyes. You’re being nudged in multiple directions by people manipulating you toward destruction from afar. With a touch of perspective, this is obvious.

Your best defense is awareness. Followed by moving in the opposite direction that you're being nudged.
When the cabal and its media speak, truth is in the exact opposite direction they point.
This is especially true in matters concerning your health, wealth, education and well-being.

Today, with age and perspective, the aware realize that our parents never should’ve put us on that very first bus.


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