Photo by Margie Johnson (Sandia Tram, overlooking Albuquerque)

By Mike Johnson

I just returned from a five-day, out-of-state trip for a friend's wedding.
Enchanting time. New sites. New city. New people.
Glad I went, glad I’m home.

Everything has its season. For me, in the fall/winter of life, travel has, and will continue to be, more rare.

I enjoy my space. Routines. Pets. Creature comforts.

Movement, activity and stimuli rarely beat sedentary, solitude and self. When you enjoy your own company, you’ve got the world by the tail.

Travel does provide a free comparison of place, pueblo and people.
It helps you size up your current situation with what else could be.
If fortunate, you return home with a few new ideas or trinkets that tweak your situation upward.

If really fortunate, your existing situation still tops what you just visited.

But the more you flesh out your dreams, the more freedom you lose.

Once you leave the realm of infinite choice to select something specific, freedom in that area shrinks.

But the more you enjoy your selections, the less necessary comparison and choice become. There’s less reason to leave and more reason to settle in and marinate.

No one ever gets every last preference they desire.
Making peace with a large enough percentage is part of our "seasoning."
Eventually, the need – and desire – for travel wanes.



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